About Heather Jean

Heather Jean Jordan’s fresh and timeless sound will charm you back to a time long past- one you didn’t know you remember, and won’t soon forget.

Shrouded in mystery, and clouded by confusion, Heather Jean Jordan’s beginnings are of some contention. She claims to be Manitoba born and raised, but beyond this rumours abound…

Was she raised by polar bears in the Great Canadian North? Played into existence by a laughing fiddler? Some say she was taken in by a kindly family of Reader’s Digest Songbooks who fed her on Blues & Broadway, Country & Classical, then released her back into the tall grass prairie when she proved too difficult to handle.

However uncertain her origins, her music sings clear and true. It is the tune you wake up whistling, the tall tale told by a crackling fire, the sweet song of a meadowlark on a clear summer day. If you find yourself waltzing from room to room, filled with the longing for a warm hearth, don’t be alarmed- these effects are only natural. Heather Jean’s music is good for the soul.



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Upcoming Events

Banff Public Library – Nov 24, 2017
7pm, Banff, AB

Canmore Christmas Market – Nov 25, 2017
11am to 2pm, Canmore Collegiate High School, Canmore, AB

Mine Shaft Tavern – Nov 25, 2017
6:30pm, 808 Spring Creek Drive, Canmore, AB

Find Your Voice Workshop – Nov 28, 2017
6:30pm, Banff Public Library, Banff, AB

Ruberto Ostberg Gallery – Dec 1, 2017
7:30pm, Calgary, AB

Inspire Gallery – Dec 8, 2017
7pm, Minnedosa, MB

Intro Ukulele Workshop – Classes Now Full! – Dec 9, 2017
Call for Details, Eckhardt-Grammate, Brandon, MB

Gladstone Christmas Concert – Dec 10, 2017
Gladstone, MB, Gladstone Rec Centre

Carberry Winterfest – Feb 3, 2018
Carberry, MB, Memorial Town Hall
Website for More Info

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